Scientists advise to add to your diet useful and healthy foods, which are present in the menu of centenarians. In recent years more and more studies show that diet is important, when it comes to the length and quality of life. Scientists advise to pay special attention to the five products that should be added to the menu if you want to live at least 100 years.


healthy foods

Research shows that carotenoids – compounds found in fish, may protect against neurological diseases. Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids in the fatty fish such as salmon, help cells remain young, thereby maintaining the whole body youth. According to the University of Ohio, omega-3 relieve inflammation, which can lead to a variety of effects, from allergies to heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


healthy foods

Nuts can add up to ten years of life. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that the more often people ate nuts, the less they had a risk of dying at a relatively young age.

Spicy food

healthy foods

One experiment, which was attended by 450 thousand people, was able to show that those who eat spicy food for six or seven days a week had a risk of mortality by 14% lower than those who indulged something something sharp and spicy only once a week or less.

Whole grains

healthy foods

According to study of JAMA Internal Medicine, each additional serving of whole grains reduces the risk of total mortality by 5% and the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 9%. So pay attention to the packaging: the bread that gets to your table, should consist of a 100% whole wheat.


healthy foods

Regular consumption of algae reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

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